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My Interested Artificial Intelligence books

you are free to use these book for academic purpose only but not allowed for the commercial purpose.

 The Elements of Artificial Intelligence-An Introduction Using Lisp

 Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java (Mark Watson)
· Amazom - Artificial Intelligence And Software Engineering, · Artificial Intelligence 3Rd Ed (1998),
· Artificial Intelligence - Hardcore AI for Computer Games and Animation
· AI- Machine Learning- Neural And Statistical Classification
· Artificial_Intelligence_and_Expert_Systems_for_Engineers_(CRC-1996)
· Clinical.Decision.Support.Systems.2nd.ed.2007.Springer.3HAXAP
· AI & Soft Computing Behavioral & Cognitive Modeling of the Human Brain
· Fuzzy Expert Systems and Fuzzy Reasoning,The Quest for Artificial Intelligence
· Giarratano-Riley-Expert_Systems-Principles_and_Programming-3ed
· High Order logic programming - Handbook of AI & Logic Programming
· Intelligent Agents , MIT Press - Stan Franklin - Artificial Minds (1995)
· Kluwer.Academic.Pub.AI.Applications.And.Innovations.Oct.2004.
· Mind Design II -- Philosophy, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence
· Multiagent Systems - A Modern Approach to Distributed AI
· MLBOOK ,Prentice Hall - Artificial Intelligence- A Modern Approach-Russell
· Probabilistic Reasoning in Multi-Agent Systems:A Graphical Models Approach
· The MIT Press-The Handbook of Brain Theory & Neural Networks-2nd Edition
· Wiley - Static And Dynamic Neural Networks (Scan, Ocr)-2003 - (By Laxuss).

 Wiley - Wooldridge, An Introduction to Multi Agent Systems .